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How do I apply for Legal Aid Services?

Call your local Ontario Legal Aid Office and make arrangements with them to obtain a Legal Aid Certificate. The local offices are as follows:

Ontario Legal Aid

55 King St.
Suite 404,
St. Catharines, ON,
L2R 3H5

Ontario Legal Aid

3 Cross St.
2nd Floor,
Welland, ON,
L3B 5X6

How long must I be separated before I can get a divorce?

You may proceed with a divorce upon separation although you and your spouse must be living separate and apart for not less than one year before you can obtain a divorce judgement. However under circumstances such as adultery and cruelty you may obtain a divorce earlier.

How is child support calculated?

Child support is based on your gross taxable income on your Notice of Assessment. Visit our "link" page for the Calculation Table.

I have been living with someone for three and a half years. Are we considered to be common law spouses?

Under the Family Law Act you are considered common law after cohabitation of three years plus a day. You are then accountable for spousal support. Various Federal Laws may deem you a spouse earlier in your relationship.

Why probate a Will?

Most financial institutions will require a Will to be probated. A probated Will is authenticated by the court to be the last valid Will of the deceased.

How much are the probate fees?

The probate fees are based on the value of the estate at the time of death. The first $50,000.00 is subject to ½ % up to $250.00, any value over and above the first $50,000.00 is subject to 1 ½ %.

Do I need to notify the utility offices of the sale of my home?

No, we will notify your utility companies of your final billing date.

Is it necessary to get a survey done on my property?

No, not necessarily, most financial institutions will accept Title Insurance.

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